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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 1 Name: Texas Christian University Teams: TCU Sustainability - Fall TCU Sustainability - Spring teammates: 70 Total Points: 53227  
Rank: 2 Name: Point Loma Nazarene University Teams: Sustainability in Action Sustainability Action Spring 2018 teammates: 42 Total Points: 50932  
Rank: 3 Name: UWL Teams: UWL Spring Green teammates: 65 Total Points: 12727  
Rank: 4 Name: Villanova University Teams: VU_PESC VU_VUSP VU_MSSE VU Transpo ENV Leadership We Love a Team VU_Womens Track Villanova Womens rowing Villanova Environmental Group (VEG) teammates: 66 Total Points: 11289  
Rank: 5 Name: UW La Crosse Teams: UWL ENV 201 Maggie teammates: 21 Total Points: 5189  
Rank: 6 Name: Ramapo College of New Jersey Teams: RC Hammer Sustainable Lovers of Fergie 1STEP Closer to Changing the World! Mindfulness Club at Ramapo College teammates: 16 Total Points: 3523  
Rank: 7 Name: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Teams: UWL Green Team teammates: 18 Total Points: 3010  
Rank: 8 Name: University of Wisconsin- La Crosse Teams: Remsburg's La Crosse Eagles teammates: 41 Total Points: 2885  
Rank: 9 Name: City of Hillsboro, Oregon Teams: Hillsboro Community EcoChallenge teammates: 23 Total Points: 2462  
Rank: 10 Name: Tennessee Technological University Teams: TTU Eco Eagles teammates: 7 Total Points: 1569  
Rank: 11 Name: Hillsboro School District Teams: Hillsboro School District teammates: 11 Total Points: 1460  
Rank: 12 Name: Chaminade College Prep Teams: CCP teammates: 19 Total Points: 1429  
Rank: 13 Name: Idaho Environmental Education Association Teams: IDEEA 2018 Conference teammates: 21 Total Points: 1332  
Rank: 14 Name: Woodlawn School Teams: Woodlawn Wildcats teammates: 1 Total Points: 236  
Rank: 15 Name: Tongji University Teams: Waterweighs teammates: 3 Total Points: 158  
Rank: 16 Name: Genblue Teams: TaskIO teammates: 2 Total Points: 141  
Rank: 17 Name: Floyd Light Middle School - Sun Teams: Found Treasures (Thursday's Group) Found Treasures teammates: 4 Total Points: 70  
Rank: 18 Name: WOHESC Teams: WOHESC 2018 Community Team teammates: 2 Total Points: 50  
Rank: 19 Name: Portland Public Schools Teams: PPS FAM teammates: 2 Total Points: 46  
Rank: 19 Name: Rice University Teams: Team Rice University teammates: 1 Total Points: 46  
Rank: 20 Name: University of North Alabama Teams: University of North Alabama teammates: 1 Total Points: 35  
Rank: 21 Name: Drew university Teams: Drew Theological school teammates: 1 Total Points: 33  
Rank: 22 Name: Orenco Elementary School Teams: Team Orenco teammates: 1 Total Points: 25